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Start Fly Control NOW
April 4th, 2019
Charles’ Corner
          It may seem early when you look out the window and think “maybe I should be planning my fly control program for this season.”  Let me tell you - it’s not. An early start can be the key to a successful program!  Controlling the first larvae hatches is essential! This will make your fly control more effective all season long!  Tackling fly control is just as important as any other program on your farm. 

Putting in place a cost-effective and sustainable plan can be as simple as: predator wasps, baiting, sprays when needed, and most importantly, cleanliness (grass clipping, weed whacking, and just plain tidying up)  around the farmstead. 

If you would like some help on deciding what to do let us know. We would be glad to discuss a program tailored to your farm with the entomologist who works with us. 

Charles' mobile number is 716-560-2875.