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2018 Cow Comfort Conference Feb 6-7
January 3rd, 2018
Cow Comfort Conference

Dates: February 6-7, 2018
Location: Holiday Inn, 441 Electronics Parkway, Liverpool, NY
The importance of maximizing cow comfort 
The role of animal welfare in the dairy industry  
Preparing for the worst (animal abuse allegations & emergencies) 
Cow comfort & economics of robotic milking herds 
Cow comfort in the maternity pen 
Cow cooling vs. barn ventilation

Dr. Katy Proudfoot, Ohio State University  Dr. Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph  Jason Karszes, Cornell University  Curt Gooch, Cornell University

For more details and registration including fees, visit:

Tatum Langworthy at 315-788-8450 or