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Dr. Scott Carrick, DVM
Dr. Scott Carrick, DVM

After completing his undergraduate work at The Ohio State University, Dr. Scott completed his DVM degree at The Ohio State University in 1998

In addition to his regular veterinary practice Dr. Scott brings leadership to the clinic’s work with milk quality and parlor efficiency. The parlor is the life line of the dairy, and it is our goal to help the dairy farms maximize its use.

Parlor services that we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Teat scoring on the herd on a regular basis. This service allows the farm to track changes made in the parlor.

  • Milking routine both evaluation and training.

  • Mastitis milk culturing We have a full-service milk culture lab, both aerobic and Mycoplasma culturing.

  • Bulk tank culturing on a monthly basis or more often allows the farm to keep a firm grasp on milk quality and respond quickly when contagious organisms are cultured.

  • Culture Tracking Recording System This system allows the culture results to be sent directly to your DC-305 cow cards.

  • Lactocorder This machine allows us to graph the milk flow of the individual cow. This information can be used to improve the milking routine.

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Phone: 585-591-2660.
Phone: 585-591-2898.

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