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New Free Program to Avoid a FDA Warning Letter
April 19th, 2019
How to Avoid an FDA Warning Letter
         99% of drug residue violations occur because of human error. The last thing any farm needs is for a stupid mistake of forgetting to write treatments down or making a mistake on what the drug’s withholding is and end up with a four-page drug residue warning letter from the FDA.  The number of animals tested at the slaughter plants is going up and the sensitivity of the tests have increased. This stresses the need for farms to manage their drug use effectively and to have excellent recordkeeping systems.

          New York State has a free, voluntary program to help with this. Working with your herd veterinarian a New York State veterinarian will review your farm’s management on drug use, storage and recordkeeping. 

If you are interested, you can contact your herd veterinarian or contact the program coordinator, Dr. Melanie Hemenway at 585-313-7541 or email