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2017 4-H Fair Days
April 17th, 2017
Fair Days                   County                                                Pricing
Wednesday, May 24     Genesee & preview show                      Health Certificate $50  (per species/per certificate)
Friday, June 2             Genesee, Erie, Wyoming                      Each BVD Test $10
Wednesday, June 21    Genesee, Erie, Wyoming                       BVD Lab Accession Fee $5
Friday, June 30           Erie & Wyoming                                   Each additional location $15

*Prices valid ONLY on Fair Days, other days are subject to regular fees.
*Prices include vaccine, HC (one species per HC), stop charge and hourly rate.
*Papers WILL NOT be issued unless payment is received at the time of service.

You must call in ahead of these days to reserve a slot. There are a limited number of slots
on each fair day that will be filled on a first come basis. Please call ASAP to make sure to
get the day you want. 

When scheduling, please give a phone number where you can be reached on Fair Day and
the address of where the animals are located.

Animals need to be tied up and identified and all paperwork in order.
Animals or paperwork not organized will be subject to regular fees. 

The certificate is valid for all additional fairs during the 2017 fair season in NYS.

All cattle and pigs MUST have USDA approved official ear tags:
- metal tags that begin with 21 (example 21ABC1234 or 21HOG tags)
- 15 digit tags starting ONLY  840 (example 840 123 456 789 012)
-Tatoos are NO LONGER acceptable permanent ID.
Sheep and goals are required to have a scrapie tag or official registration tatoo.

The certificate is valid for all additional fairs during the 2017 fair season in NYS.

Please do not call on the actual fair day to see when we will be there; we will call throughout
the day with an estimate of our arrival time. 
Please remember to be flexible as we are doing
this to help the 4-H kids.